Projects delivered by Spire

We have delivered numerous projects for our customers, here are a few examples. Please contact us for more information.

Multinational Documentum Upgrade

Our client had five Documentum instances, spread across Europe and North America running various legacy versions of Documentum with over 10TB of content. Spire developed the strategy, planned each upgrade, upgraded the applications and worked with the clients operational staff to deliver the deployment.

EMC Documentum EPFM

Spire was retained to develop and deploy EMC's Engineering, Plant and Facilities Maintenance product for a customer in Norway. As well as the technical development, we also developed the processes and procedures that the business required to support the use of the system and provided training and support.

Remote Support Services

For some customers, the cost of a full-time document management system administrator is prohibitive. We provide support services at significantly less cost than a full-time equivalent. We fully integrate with the customers service desk and provide total ownership of support issues.

Filesystem Analysis

A client had a large number of documents on the filesystem that needed to be cleaned up as part of a datacentre move. We analysed over two million documents which enabled them to reduce duplication, archive old content and consolidate asset related information into a new file structure.

Accounts Payable Workflow

Our client was drowning in paper invoices, with a backlog of thousands of unprocessed documents. We developed a set of AP workflows that enable them to route invoices electronically around the business for approval and authorisation, speeding up the approval process and reducing the need for paper.

Legacy Application Upgrade

Imagine losing the documentation and code for an application and then needing to move the application! Unfortunately, that's what happened to one of our customers. We worked with them to rebuild the application and upgrade it, migrate to new hardware and document the process.

"Spire have helped us deliver 5 projects in 2 years. All have been delivered on time and in budget during challenging times."