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Document Management

Documentum Implementation

We're experts in the EMC Documentum product suite and have deep expertise in delivering all types and sizes of document management solutions, from single point solutions to global corporate wide repositories. We can integrate your business applications with Documentum providing a single document repository for the organisations key documents.

Upgrade and Migration Services

We have proven expertise in upgrading older versions of Documentum to the current version of the product, including both client and server side upgrades. We can migrate large (or small) amounts of content into the system and we also have significant experience in migrating content and meta-data out of legacy Documentum solutions and into new or alternative systems.

Strategy Development

We can help you to establish your document management strategy, bringing our experience and knowledge to the table to help quickly develop a strategy and the related guidelines for managing, retaining and disposing of documents.

Performance Tuning and Scalability Improvements

We provide expert advisory services to customers to tune and re-engineer their systems to meet the demand of increasing growth and load. We can also advise on building and refreshing the solution architecture to meet scalability and security requirements.

Document Control

Document Handover

We have experience of a wide-range of document ingestion and handover tools and have delivered a number of custom solutions based on specific customer requirements. We understand that while performance is important, accuracy is key. Handover formats are often specified by the provider, rather than the recipient and we have tools and knowledge to process a large number of different formats regardless of source and target systems.

Tool Recommendations

We have experience of a number of different Document Control tools and toolkits and can advise on the options available, develop a trade-off analysis and make recommendations for your organisation.

Filesystem Analysis


We have developed a number of tools to allow us to efficiently analyse the contents of fileshares and classify the content that is found. This enables us to identify the types of content stored, duplication, old and unused content, potential regulatory or privacy issues and other issues. Click here for an overview of the service we provide.

Recommendations and Best Practice

Based on the output of our analysis tools, our experience and current best practice we can make recommendations on cleaning up fileshares, removing duplication and improving the structure, security and accessibility of information. We can also provide scripts / applications to automate the implementation of some of the recommendations.

Support Services

Remote Documentum Support

We can provide support to manage and maintain your Documentum system, even if it's an old version that is no longer supported by EMC. Click here for an example of the services we provide.

Legacy Application Support

Have an application that's no longer supported by the vendor? Talk to us about providing long term maintenance support.

Development Services

Enterprise Application Development

We have significant development experience and offer Java and .NET development services. This can be used in conjunction with our offshore partners for a cost-effective solution to your development needs.

Mobile Application Development

We've recently started developing mobile applications for some of our customers and can deliver solutions on all the major mobile platforms today.

"Spire delivered on time and on budget, we'll certainly use them for development again."